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Grow your sales with BNPL

Let your customers split the cost of their purchase into monthly payments

Attract new customers Increase
average basket
Get paid in full


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Pricing flexibility

You decide who pays the interest on the credit

0% financing

You pay a fee to HeidiPay, and we do not charge interest to you customer

Financing with interest

You don't pay any fee to HeidiPay ("no transaction fee"), and HeidiPay charges interest to your customer

Sell More 2@2X

Fully digital solution

No paper to print

Digital ID check

Electronic signature

Card V2

Multiple payment options

Customer pay monthly instalment conveniently by:

Card V2

QR Invoice

Screenshot 1634

Debit or credit card (with automatic monthly direct debit)


Increase sales and attract new categories of customers

Attract new categories of customers

Drive conversion & Increase basket size


We take risk, you get paid immediately

Fraud & solvability risk guarantee

Weekly payment od all your sales


Easily fits in with your operations and web shop

Simple payment and return processes

Easy integration, no start-up costs

Simple, transparent offer


Weekly settlement


Fraud and credit risk merchant protection


No set-up or installation costs


No minimum duration or volumes

0% Financing Financing with interest **
Purchase price amount
Purchase price amount CHF 0 - 500* CHF 500 - 15'000* CHF 0 - 500* CHF 500 - 15'000*
Monthly instalments
Monthly instalments 3 - 12* 3 - 36* 3 - 12* 12 - 36*
Interest paid by the customer to HeidiPay
Interest paid by the customer to HeidiPay NO (0% interest) NO (0% interest) YES YES
Commission paid by the merchant to HeidiPay
Commission paid by the merchant to HeidiPay YES YES NO (Free) NO (Free)
Regulated by the Federal Law on Consumer Credit
Regulated by the Federal Law on Consumer Credit NO NO NO YES
ID document accepted
ID document accepted No ID required Passport / National ID Driving Licence (Swiss nationals only), Residence permit (B & C) No ID required Passport / National ID
Payment methods
Payment methods Swiss Credit- or Debit Card QR - Code Invoice** Swiss Credit- or Debit Card QR - Code Invoice** Swiss Credit- or Debit Card QR - Code Invoice** Swiss Credit- or Debit Card QR - Code Invoice**

All options: Payment to the merchant - Weekly | Merchant Risk protection - Credit & Fraud | Installation / Setup costs - None | Minimum annual volumes - None | Minimum duration - None

* Limit subject to conditions

** Restriction on usage for QR invoice for certain industries

How it works

Shopping bag

Customer makes a purchase

Customer selects HeidiPay at checkout.

Money and coins

You get paid the full amount

HeidiPay pays you the full amount of the sales within 7 days through a weekly settlement.


Customer pays HeidiPay

Customer pays HeidiPay every month via QR code invoice or through direct debit on debit or credit card.

Badge Heidi Pay

HeidiPay takes the risk of non-payment

We assume credit and fraud risk. Instant decision with high acceptance rate for a maximum conversion rate.


Available for ecommerce & instore sales

Ecommerce sales


Offer HeidiPay as a new payment method at checkout

Fast checkout process with instant approval

Integration with ecommerce platform in minutes


Instore & phone sales



Sales assistant enters customer’s info, triggering an SMS

Customer clicks on SMS link to checkout on mobile

No installation or special POS/device required


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Fits in seamlessly with your daily operations

View, refund or cancel payment plans in your HeidiPay merchant portal or through direct integration into your ERP. Reporting & reconciliation are simple and similar to other payment methods offered by your payment service provider.

Effortless installation at zero cost

Getting started is easy, fast and with no installation costs.

We already integrate with most payment service providers and e-commerce platforms.

We can also help you with customised checkout solutions.


Our team is there for you every step of the way

A dedicated customer success team gives you hands-on support with development, integration, marketing, and more as you scale your business.

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