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Welcoming our new credit funding partners, Nebula Capital Partners and i2


NCP to cooperate with “buy-now-pay-later” provider HeidiPay as part of the launch of its FinTech Lending focused fund project. The Swiss based i2 group is to provide its proprietary software as well as IT and structuring services.

NCP aims to bring the emerging asset classes of digital lending and embedded finance to professional and institutional investors. As part of this broader strategy the investment advisory firm is launching a FinTech Lending focused fund project which bridges the gap between traditional and digital finance.

i2 group assists NCP in the cooperation with HeidiPay as well as its FinTech Lending focused fund project by providing its proprietary software, IT and structuring services.

“Our structuring and software solutions will provide NCP with an effortless platform and interface for handling and monitoring of funding and management processes while offering the possibility to easily integrate further partners in the project. We believe to have found a great partner in NCP and Markus Hunold specifically. NCP brings a profound knowledge of the lending sector and a technology embracing approach to the partnership. We are excited to help create new funding sources for the FinTech Lending sector while providing investors with access to this attractive opportunity.” Gregor Stadelmann, CEO of i2 group, said.

“By combining i2 group’s strengths in technology and structuring services with our domain specific expertise, investors can get institutional-grade access to an innovative, easily accessible and scalable investment product, which aims to deliver strong risk adjusted returns with low market correlation.” Markus Hunold added.

Thanks to the partnership with HeidiPay, NCP’s investors can gain access to a disruptive consumer finance product which is set to capitalize on the strengths of digital-native buy-now-pay-later offerings. Swiss based HeidiPay offers its services to merchants across the traditional buy-now-pay-later verticals (e.g. fashion, sports) but is also a pioneer in the luxury sector, already cooperating with prestigious brands. HeidiPay’s buy-now-pay-later offerings deliver benefits to both retailers as well as consumers, which enjoy a fully automated service allowing them to pay in instalments at no additional cost.

“Fuelled by benefits to both consumers and merchants, buy-now-pay-later offerings and transaction volumes have seen significant increases in the recent past and we believe that HeidiPay’s unique technology-led and customer-centric approach will capitalize on the Swiss demand for this service. Our cooperation with HeidiPay allows us to make the buy-now-pay-later sector accessible to a third group of beneficiaries: professional and institutional investors.” Markus Hunold, Founder of NCP, said. 


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